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VIA GMB Alliance Introduction

Global consumer trends indicate a huge growth in the mobile PC market and that mobile devices will quickly become the dominant x86 based PC products for users in the coming years. To help manufacturers of 7" to 12" mobile devices quickly and affordably address this market, VIA Technologies, Inc. has launched the Global Mobility Bazaar Alliance.

A leading provider of power efficient, highly integrated ultra mobile processor platforms VIA is in a position to help drive the necessary partnerships across both the software and hardware industries required to help spur innovative and environmentally friendly products on a large scale for the education, business or consumer markets. The Global Mobility Bazaar Alliance brings sales, manufacturers and infrastructure partners together to best serve these fast growing markets.

VIA GMB Business opportunity
  1. The GMB shows a commitment to making computing technologies available to people of all walks of life whether it be for education, sustainable businesses or core communications needs. Affordable 7" to 12" notebook mobile devices are widely regarded as the appropriate solution for emerging market consumer needs.

  2. GMB products by their affordable nature encourage new business models such as telecom carrier hardware subsidization that further reduce the initial investment costs to consumers who want the latest advantages that modern computing delivers.

  3. VIA's role in the GMB also means the mobile products across the globe will bring the benefits of power efficient VIA processor platforms based around the VIA C7-M and VIA Nano™ processors to a world where power costs and environmental responsibility are of the utmost importance.

The ecosystem of the GMB includes at its inception key infrastructure partners to provide support and speed the growth for manufacturing partners who will introduce exciting new netbook and notebook designs that extend the options and price points for consumers everywhere.