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Letter from the Chairman

Esteemed Partners:

It has been three months since the founding of the Global Mobility Bazaar Alliance. Since that time we’ve managed to lay a solid foundation and begin to expand the white-box mini-notebook industry in China. As the Chairman of the Alliance, I’d like to thank you all for your support.

When I first created the concept of the GMB Alliance, and while it was still in its infancy, I shared the idea with many of our partners. To my delight I found that the Alliance’s vision and objectives were shared and supported by organizations and individuals throughout the industry. Brought together through a common goal, we united our powers to grasp new opportunities and expand the mini-notebook market.

The aim of the VIA GMB Alliance is to deliver innovative, affordable and feature-rich mini-notebooks to consumers. “Affordability” is the key to reaching large numbers of consumers and a broader market. By removing the market entry barrier for system developers, more customers and partners can share a piece of the white-box mini-notebook cake.

We want to raise the country’s competitive advantage and we voluntarily carry this burden on our shoulders because we believe we are capable, we are ready, and the time is now.

Where do we go next? Mini-notebooks are our main focus, and we foresee their impact stretching beyond just the IT industry.

With computing and networking capabilities, and now also 3G modules to enhance communication and multimedia functionality, mini-notebooks are a 3C product.

Compared to consumer and mobile phone devices, the entry barriers to the PC device market are higher, and the integration of different components more complex. In other words, the path taken by the VIA GMB Alliance will be different to that of white-box mobile device manufacturers.

The quality of white-box mobile phone is not the primary concern for consumers; however, quality of white-box mini-notebooks is of upmost importance. If quality and essential functionalities don’t meet consumer expectation, it will be difficult for us to expand the market.

Therefore, VIA provides a total platform and service. By connecting the local supply chain and vendors, and by offering a detailed reference design, the technical barriers for partners who wish to enter the market is lowered. The VIA GMB Alliance combines top quality with the most trustworthy partner brands and distributors, to help customers to build unique and quality-assured devices.

Most importantly, we wish to help push more original and unique brands in both China and globally. VIA used to be a design house; now we absorb and learn from top global brands and in turn wish to pass this knowledge and experience on to our partners.

This is only our first step, but the first of many!


Global Mobility Bazaar (GMB) Alliance, Chairman

Kevin YC. Huang