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ITE Tech. Inc.

Bill Wang / Product Manager
Tel: +866-2-29126889 #6033

4-in-One Combo CR Controller IT1337

  • Single LUN
  • SD/MMC/MS/xD Combo socket support
  • No external regulator required, 5V to 3V Regulator embedded
  • Support 12/48MHz clock input option
  • Power saving mode supported for NB battery life consideration
    • "No Card No Icon" supported by HW setting
    • Selective Suspend (C3) supported by Windows WHQL certified driver
  • Memory card Supported:
    • SD Rev. 2.0 (SDHC)
    • MMC Rev. 4.2 (1/4/8-bit)
    • MS/MS Pro Rev. 1.43; MS PRO (4-bit) Rev. 1.03; MS PRO-HG (8-bit) Rev. 1.01
    • xD-Picture card Rev. 1.2d and SM card Rev. 1.0
    • 48 LQFP and 24-pin TQFN Package

KBC keyboard controller or Embedded controller (IT8502)

The IT8502E/F/G is a highly integrated, embedded controller with an embedded micro controller and integrated advanced functions. It is targeted for a wide range of portable application that uses the Low Pin Count (LPC) interface.

The IT8502E/F/G incorporates an 8032 micro controller which is an 8051-compatible, based on RISC architecture. The IT8502E/F/G provides ACPI embedded controller function, keyboard controller (KBC) and matrix scan, PWM, DAC, ADC and SmartAuto Fan control for hardware monitor, PS/2 interface for external keyboard/mouse devices, system wake up functions for system power management, Watchdog timers, timers and general purpose I/O (GPIO), Consumer IR and SPI flash . It also supports the external flash shared by the host and EC side.

Product Spec of IT8502E

8032TT Embedded Controller SM Bus Controller
LPC Bus Interface System Wake Up Control
External SPI Flash Interface EC Wake Up Control
Interrupt Controller DAC
Timer / Watch Dog Timer PWM with SmartAuto Fan Control
ACPI Power Management Channel KB Matrix Scan
GPIO Power Consumption
KBC Interface 128-pin LQFP/QFP/TFBGA

ITE Tech. Inc. (abbreviated as ITE) is a professional fabless IC design house, established in 1996 and headquartered in Hsinchu Science Park. ITE started from the development of PC and NB Controller chips in the early years and takes the global lead in Super I/O as well as Keyboard and Embedded Controller technology. The market share of the Super I/O products, adopted by many well-known PC manufactures, has been over 40 percent worldwide. Following steady growth, ITE gradually expands in the product line and technology field. Currently there are many excellent engineers with specialty in software/hardware development on PC/NB Controller, Flash Controller, Digital TV Receiver Controller, Multimedia Controller, and Analog IC as well as marketing talents.

ITE has been dedicated to the desktop, notebook and industry PC markets for many years.  With the most complete IP in this industry as well as capable and experienced R&D teams, ITE provides customers with the most full-function and cost-competitive products, among which, I/O products applying to Desktop have already taken a very high market share, and embedded controllers have obtained recognition from many internationally well-known Notebook manufacturers and been implemented to their products.